New York, NY, FALL 2016

inspiration 2016

Winter is a time women often feel like their femininity lies dormant. I wanted to embrace what can happen underneath all those layers, the sensuality of the female form, revealed… How we can celebrate the idea of intimacy and seduction through new silhouettes, vibrant color, and fabrications in ways that feel unexpected. How femininity today can be what one wouldn’t always expect. I became very engaged with the small things; the subtle, intimate details. The nape of the neck, a coat that can reveal the slightest sliver of skin. A top that traces the curve of the shoulder to the collarbone.

For me, the juxtaposition creates the surprise, and in turn, the sensuality. A voluminous silhouette in a sheer luxurious fabric...a matte bonded wool commonly used in menswear, unexpectedly sculpted into ruffles and cascades. A bold, intricately hand-cut jacquard fabric used in a precise, minimal silhouette. It’s those surprising little things, those juxtapositions and intimate exposures, which are my inspiration and passion for MILLY fall/winter 2016.

—Michelle Smith, founder and designer, MILLY