Q&A With Michelle Smith


Q: What was your inspiration for the MILLY Fall/Winter 2014 collection?

A: My collection, named "DUSK" focuses on movement, texture and drama. The color palette was inspired by the stages of nightfall, from blush to onyx and including reflective metallic that remind me of moonlight. For the silhouettes, I was inspired by classical dance—I like the idea of the paradox of discipline and beauty and played with both fluidity and structure.

Q: How do you begin your design process?

A: I love color and pattern so I always begin with fabric. This season, I was very interested in contrasting textures—the juxtaposition of light and dark vs. weightlessness and volume.

Q: Tell us more about the fabrics.

A: I wanted the fabrics to incorporate movement and drama,. I love to use really luxurious European fabrics - beaded fringe, sheer tulle with intricate pleating, Mongolian fur and reflective foil leather, and ultra-sonic welded leather.

Q: Backstage, what was the inspiration behind the hair, makeup and nails?

A: The idea was a classical dancer off-duty – effortless and opulent. I wanted the hair, by Wella Professionals, to be like a top knot unraveled with a natural, authentic texture and the nails, by Essie, were a sheer ecru – an updated take on ‘Ballet Slippers.’ The makeup by Beauty.com was based on a neutral palette – I like for the clothes to take center stage.